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Erik Shapiro Ph.D. Presentation to the MSU Board February 6, 2015


Nanomaterials, regenerative medicine and biomedical imaging: Molecular and Cellular MRI at MSU

Faculty in the Michigan State University Department of Radiology are engaged in a broad spectrum of cutting-edge imaging research encompassing a variety biomedical disciplines.  Ongoing investigations integrate advanced imaging technologies (multinuclear MRI and MR Spectroscopy, CT, PET-CT, cellular and molecular imaging) with important biosciences (regenerative medicine, physiology, biomechanics, neuroscience, cardiology, sports medicine, and nutrition) to create a unique research environment. The Department has world-class research imaging systems housed either in the Radiology Building (3.0T MRI) or the Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building (7.0T and 9.4T pre-clinical MRI, pre-clinical micro-CT). Interdisciplinary research programs offer numerous collaborative and educational opportunities, not only for faculty, but for all students, from undergraduates to postdoctoral research associates, including medical students, residents, and fellows.