David C. Zhu, Ph.D.

David C. Zhu, Ph.D.


Department of Radiology





Radiology Building

846 Service Rd Rm 124

College Degrees: 

B.A.: Molecular & Cell Biology, emphasis: Biochemistry, University of California, Berkeley

B.S.: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, California State University, Sacramento

M.S.: Biomedical Engineering, California State University, Sacramento

Ph.D.: Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Davis


Research Interests:

I started magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research in 1995 under Dr. Michael Buonocore at University of California Davis when I was in graduate school. I developed high-resolution echo planar imaging, arterial spin labeling and phase contrast pulse sequences, and associated analytical techniques for clinical applications. I joined GE Healthcare in 2000 after I completed my PhD. I worked on various MR methodology developments, including fast spin echo imaging and fast volumetric imaging. I also participated in the development of the new EXCITE MR system. I decided to return to academic research in later 2002. I joined the Brain Research Imaging Center at the University of Chicago as an MRI physicist. I continued my research in MR imaging techniques, specifically, spiral imaging for functional MRI (fMRI) applications, T1 mapping of the brain and the quantification of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics for the study of hydrocephalus. I also expanded my interest to fMRI applications.


I joined the faculty at Michigan State University in 2005. With other faculty members, we developed the Cognitive Imaging Research Center, and I have been supporting its growth in a role of an MRI physicist and the lead of the support team. I am also an MRI physicist for the Departments of Radiology and Psychology. I am currently collaborating with clinical experts to develop MRI techniques to detect and characterize plaques at the carotid artery, with chemists on MR molecular imaging, and with psychologists and neuroscientists to apply fMRI and other neuroimaging methods to study visual cognition, attention, memory, language processing, social cognition, concussion, normal aging and Alzheimer's disease.


List of awards:

  1. Patent: David C. Zhu, J. Kevin DeMarco, Anthony T. Vu. Apparatus and method for detecting and classifying atherosclerotic plaque hemorrhage. US Patent # 7,705,593. Date of award: April 27, 2010.
  2. Paul C. Hodges Alumni Society Research Award in 2003.


Selected Publications:

  1. Chang S-E, Zhu DC. Neural network connectivity differences in children who stutter. Brain. 2013 Oct 16. In Press.
  2. Zhu DC, Majumdar S. Integration of resting-state fMRI and diffusion-weighted MRI connectivity analyses of the human brain: limitations and improvement. Journal of Neuroimaging. 2012 Dec 28. In Press.
  3. Zhu DC, Majumdar S, Korolev IO, Berger KL, Bozoki AC. Alzheimer’s disease and amnestic mild cognitive impairment weaken connections within the default-mode network: a multi-modal imaging study. J Alzheimers Dis. 2013;34(4):969-84.
  4. Zhu DC, Vu AT, Ota H, DeMarco JK. An optimized 3D spoiled gradient recalled echo pulse sequence for hemorrhage assessment using inversion recovery and multiple echoes (3D SHINE) for carotid plaque imaging. Magn Reson Med. 2010;64:1341-51.
  5. Zhu DC, Zacks RT, Slade JM. Brain activation during interference resolution in young and older adults: an fMRI study. Neuroimage. 2010;50:810-817.


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Other Departmental/Program Affiliations:  

Cognitive Imaging Research Center
Department of Psychology
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cognitive Science Program
Neuroscience Program

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