Christiane Mallett, Ph.D.

Shatadru Chakravarty, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Department of Radiology


College Degree: 

B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University, India. 2005
M.Sc. Organic Chemistry, Banaras Hindu University, India. 2007
PhD, Chemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2013.



Current Position:

I am currently working as a post-doctoral research associate with Prof. Erik Shapiro in his Molecular and Cellular Imaging Laboratory (MCIL) since November 2014. My current work involves the development of X-ray dense nanoparticles as a Computed Tomography (CT) contrast agent for Ovarian cancer detection. Traditionally, gold nanoparticles have been employed for molecular CT though concerns regarding the overall cost of gold have augmented the search for viable alternatives. Bismuth, a semimetal in the bulk state, has almost identical X-ray attenuation properties as gold and is about a 1000-fold cheaper. Previous work from our group has introduced fluorescently labeled PLGA coated Bismuth nanoparticles for molecular CT and fluorescence imaging. My current work aims towards synthesizing biocompatible particles with better control on size and morphology and making them targeted specifically towards chemotherapy resistant Ovarian cancer for rapid in vivo detection. In addition, I am also deeply interested in the design of novel nanoparticle platforms for targeted imaging and drug delivery.



CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral Award (01/2009-12/2011)


Selected Publications:

1. Goswami, L. N., Chakravarty, S., Lee, M. W., Jalisatgi, S. S. and Hawthorne, M. F., Extensions of the Icosahedral Closomer Structure by Using Azide–Alkyne Click Reactions. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 50, 4689–4691, 2011.

2. Goswami, L. N., Ma, L., Chakravarty, S., Cai, Q., Jalisatgi, S. S. and Hawthorne, M. F.,      Discrete Nanomolecular Polyhedral Borane Scaffold Decorated with Multiple Gadolinium(III) Complexes as High-performance MRI Contrast Agents. Inorg. Chem., 52, 1694-1700, 2013.


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